During his recent Twitch stream, AJ Styles commented on his debut with WWE and Vince McMahon’s reaction: 

“You’ve got to find a way to make a name for yourself and everybody has to do it. It’s when you get an opportunity to get into the ring, you hope that Vince is watching or someone else. You hope that there is a reaction, right? That was the great thing that I had… the reaction that I got at the Royal Rumble2016 was awesome. It was amazing, but Vince didn’t really believe that – [he thought] that it was a fluke, basically. That’s what he thought it was. I wasn’t even going to be on RAW the next day, but they convinced him otherwise. I had a match and I think he was [unimpressed], like, ‘Whatever, I’ve got guys that can do this.’ And he literally told me that. But once Vince sat me down and said, ‘This is what I need from you,’ after he told me what he needed, I had one chance to show him exactly who he wanted. And that’s what happened.”

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