Dave Meltzer of F4WOnline.com discussed Ronda Rousey’s recent comments about WWE fans being “ungrateful” and wrestling being “fake” fighting. Meltzer talked about how Rousey has legitimate resentment towards the fans and it started at Survivor Series 2018 when fans booed Rousey despite her being a babyface and the event taking place in her hometown of Los Angeles. Meltzer mentioned that what Rousey said were her “honest feelings” and noted the following: 

“It’s not a work. I knew when the Los Angeles fans booedRonda Rousey and when that Charlotte Flair angle happened. Where Charlotte Flair turned heel on her and they all cheered for Charlotte Flair and they were chanting ‘you deserve it’ when Charlotte beat the hell out of her and she took that beating to get the angle over so the fans would have something believable and the fans changed ‘you deserve it at her.’ I knew that at that point everything changed.” 

“You’ve got to remember that her and Shayna, their mentality [when they signed with WWE] was the UFC fans are the worstand the WWE fans are the best and it went good and Rondacomes in and everybody cheered her and she was so popular. It was all going along well until that angle … I knew that was going to strike a chord with her and it did and they turned her heel, which was not the plan. But they went with it and yeah, that ‘s her feelings and that’s just how she is wired. She’s very competitive.”

Meltzer added that the door is open for Rousey to make an appearance at next year’s Wrestlemania 37 but she isn’t expected to wrestle full-time again. 

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