During his recent podcast, former WWE Producer Arn Anderson discussed his thoughts on Sheamus as an in-ring performer: 

“The one mistake Sheamus does is that he is a good solid worker, but the art of being a heel is getting your ass kicked when it’s time. I mean taking a royal ass kicking. You can do the bully stuff. You can do the snug stuff. You can overpowerguys. That’s fine. But there comes a time in every match where you have to get your ass whipped. Your top heels know how to do that. When they get their ass kicked, it’s in a royal fashion. I don’t think Sheamus gets that concept. He wants to get all his offense in, no matter what, whatever is in his mind for that night, no matter what the audience is giving him back or what it calls for. Sometimes you have to be really giving as a heel, even though you are this rugged, kick ass heel. You have to give them faith in that babyface. Once the heel overpowers the babyface to the point that the audience loses faith in them, forget it. The match is over.”

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