The Undertaker made his long awaited return at Super Showdown this evening.

At the end of the gauntlet match when AJ Styles was celebrating after defeating R Truth Rey Mysterio’s music hit. After the familiar 619 song was attempted twice it became clear that he wasn’t coming out. A backstage vignette played showing Gallows and Anderson taking out Mysterio leading to AJ announcing himself the winner of the gauntlet. As the Referee counted to ten to officially declare Styles the winner the video came back on showing Gallows then Anderson being laid out by a mystery attacker before a familiar pair of boots and long leather coat swept into view.

This precluded the legendary bongs and the grand entrance of The Undertaker who made short work of a shocked Styles and after a single choke-slam he made the cover to claim the victory. This ‘surprise’ return appears to confirm and setup the long rumoured match between the Deadman and Phenomenal one at this year’s WrestleMania.

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