Cody Rhodes was part of an AEW conference call to promote this Saturday’s Double or Nothing PPV and here are the highlights courtesy of 

When asked about how different the Double or Nothing card is compared to what AEW had planned prior to COVID-19, Cody said it is 90% the same and that the majority of AEW’s creative plans stayed the same despite the pandemic. 

Cody gives a special shoutout to Tony Khan and other backstage staff for helping put these shows together in recent weeks during the pandemic. 

Cody says he wants to continue making Double or Nothing and AEW “destined programming”, but notes the challenges of this when there are no fans in attendance to indicate what they like and don’t like. 

Cody says that TNT requested to have their own championship belt

Cody says that despite people not being at shows, they are watching at his home and says that it’s his job to make sure people are entertained, and says he has enjoyed the challenge of working during these times. 

When asked about the placement of the TNT Championship, Cody says that the champion will not be ranked. He says that AEW won’t look at the new championship as second-placed, but he doesn’t know what the title scene will look like, but says it will have an identity of its own. 

When asked about Daily’s Place has a lot of “tools” that AEW can utilise, as seen with the Street Fight on Dynamite two weeks ago. 

Cody says that the plan right now is to stay in Florida for tapings. He says moving to other states would put talent and staff at risk, stating it’s easier to be in “one spot” for the time being. He said if it was up to him, he’d stay at Daily’s Place until fans are allowed back. 

Cody says he is excited for the AEW unrivaled toys that are going to hit shelves, and says the makers have done a great job at “immortalising the roster”. 

Cody suggests that some of the enhancement talent who worked the AEW tapings during coronavirus have been offered contracts. 

When asked what will happen if one of the AEW roster members tests positive for COVID-19, and says that talent and crew would have been separated beforehand and says a lot of this has been about “spreading out” to prevent cross-contamination. 

Cody says that while AEW has had no positive tests, but doing it through quarantine measures means production would not have to stop if someone does test positive. 

Cody finishes by saying that when there are no fans, talent are really tested as performers. However, he says there have been no other positives of having no fans at shows and says that the AEW roster misses having a crowd at shows. 

He says that wrestling depends on the crowd, and this involves a lot of “guessing” during the pandemic, but says he misses having a crowd on a personal level and says he hopes to have them back soon.

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