As previously noted, the angle on this week’s WWE RAW with Nia Jax injuring Charlotte Flair’s arm was reportedly done to write Charlotte off television because she is legitimately having surgery. 

Mike Johnson of provided more information: 

“ is told Flair will be undergoing a planned elective surgery during this time and is not injured or sick.”

Dave Meltzer of noted that WWE is hopeful that Charlotte will be back in time for Summerslam. PWI is also reporting that Charlotte is expected to be out of action for around six weeks. However, Alex McCarthy of is reporting that Charlotte is going to be taking a longer hiatus from WWE and will take some personal time off in addition to the surgery: 

“The idea is that she will return around Royal Rumble season next year, but if a good story pops up before then – around Survivor Series – she would be open to return later this year.”

A source also noted to that “there’s a 0 percent chance Charlotte returns for SummerSlam.”

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