While appearing on Busted Open Radio, Chris Benoit’s son David discussed the Dark Side of the Ring documentary: 

“I let 13 years of just pain go away when I sat there in front of that camera,” he said. “I let it all out, and I felt like a new man and yeah. I got to select everyone I wanted, so Dean [Malenko], Chris [Jericho], Vicky [Guerrero], those are the main people I picked.” 

“You know, when I watched it before it came out, it hit me hard. I didn’t expect some things on there.”

Benoit also commented on Chris Jericho: 

“He’s played a big role in my life. He’s always been there for me. Only two people that really been there for me were Chavoand Chris when the whole thing went down. I didn’t get no calls from anyone else, not even Vince McMahon called me after, but that’s his decision.”

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