As previously noted, WWE Hall of Famer Diamond Dallas Page published a video and talked about how he was feeling Covid-19 symptoms after his daughters attended a bridal shower. 

In an interview with, DDP said he’s feeling better and talked about his experience with the virus: 

“It’s really crazy because a lot of people don’t take this stuff seriously and I was taking this stuff seriously to begin with so I was the last one anyone thought was gonna get it. We did all the stuff from prepping stuff coming in and wiping stuff down because supposedly the virus could live on plastic, steel, cardboard and all that. I took all of that into consideration and my daughter Brittany was amazing. My girlfriend Paige was really good too. We kept at it and then they opened up Georgia to Level 2.” 

“My daughter was supposed to be getting married this week and they went to the bridal shower where someone had COVID. There were 16 people there and seven people got it. Out of that, one of the people who went to go see their aunt and uncle – those two people ended up in the hospital. That shows you how that stuff can spread.” 

“My girlfriend came back and we’re sleeping together and next thing you know I’m sick and she’s sick. Thank God Brittany didn’t get sick and for some reason she didn’t get anything.”

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