Alex McCarthy of, who was in attendance for the Smackdown/RAW tapings in Manchester last Friday, noted the following about the broadcast that aired on Monday:

“Just watching #RAW back. Anyone in attendance will back me up here: Seth Rollins’ line ‘I think I am the best wrestler on the planet’ was roundly booed. Yet, they’ve made it sound like a majority cheer on the broadcast. Weird that they do that,” wrote McCarthy. “And this isn’t about Seth (I’ve been roundly abused before for arguing he is, in actual fact, very good and in the convo of best in the world), I’m just not big on crowd noises being adjusted to fit a narrative.”

Another fan also noted the following:

“One of the things I’ve found hilarious about last weeks and last nights @WWE RAW was that there were several times the audio (fans booing and cheering) didn’t even closely match what the audience was doing on TV. LMFAO wtf did WWE play with the audio?!?! #WWE”

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