Drew McIntyre appeared on Lilian Garcia’s podcast and here are the highlights courtesy of 411Mania.com:

On how he doesn’t like to recite lines: “To be honest, I get the basic idea, the bullet points, and I always tell them, don’t make me recite it because it’s gonna sound like lines and I don’t know what I’m gonna say, just tell me what I’m gonna have to hit. If I had any advice for any of the guys and girls out there doing these empty arena things, it’s just go with the flow, don’t pretend there is a crowd there, just feel the moment and just take it for what it is.”

On how he wants his character and storylines to be very realistic going forward: “I want it all to be very real, like everything, I just want 100% real, like you get real Drew, I want real stories, like Andrade last night, that was based on a real story, I tore my bicep, people can feel it, I could use real emotion, remembering how I felt when I tore my bicep, and then going forward, I want everything to be as real as it can absolutely be, I want people to feel it, and that’s very big for me right now, it’s just, nothing is put on, I want Drew McIntyre, you see it, you know it’s going to be real, you’re going to feel it.”

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