In an interview with BT Sport, Drew McIntyre commented on how 2020 went for him:

“It’s been professionally the greatest year of my career. Of course, it was only appropriate that the best year of my career was also the same time for the world to turn over. It also allowed me to step up and the journey really prepared me to be that guy. The crazy and the crazy experiences equals the guy to lead the company during crazy times. I should say winning the title at WrestleMania is the moment for a number of reasons. Royal Rumble was so cool – there was 40,000 people there and it was so unexpected. It was so fresh and new, and the Brock moment was incredible, but winning it after Edge returned and he got eliminated third to the last and the crowd was so upset.”

Cont below…

“They could’ve turned on the Rumble, they could’ve been booing the finish when I was on, but they quickly switched and started cheering just as loud again. That was really cool because they were like, ‘This is our guy.’ That was such a cool feeling having the crowd there. It’s hard not to say that, but at the same time, aside from finally winning the title, just the whole situation of WWE pushing ahead with WrestleMania and the climate of the world at that time and being last and being that feel-good moment for the world as the escape – it’s hard not to say that because it affected so many people positively.”

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