The Randy Orton vs. Edge Last Man Standing match at Wrestlemania 36 received some criticism for a spot that involved Orton choking Edge with a weight cable. The spot was considered controversial because Chris Benoit committed suicide by hanging himself with a cable from his weight machine. 

Dave Meltzer of discussed the spot: 

“I know people in the company it affected. It probably affects the talent more than the fans, you can say some fans are new, and haven’t seen it. You can’t name one wrestler who doesn’t know the Chris Benoit story.”

The segment was also criticized for the length and commentary. The match was 36:41 and barely surpassed the Wrestlemania 16 main event (36:26) as the second-longest match in Wrestlemania history. 

The editors were so lost in another universe, they are so out of sync,” Meltzer said. “This went through all these channels for a week, over a week, editing, and nobody took the Benoitspot out, nobody cut the match down.”

Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez’s title for their review of the match was “the most boring match in Wrestlemania history.” 

While there was some criticism of the match, 60% of people that voted in a poll gave the match a Thumbs Up rating. 

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