Former WWE Producer Lance Storm appeared on the Figure Four Daily podcast and discussed Miro’s creative direction in AEW so far: 

“I personally am not a fan of his current direction of his character. But I don’t necessarily represent the AEW fan base. This is where it’s a real shame that we are still in pandemic conditions because if we had full arenas, you would get a far better feel on how the Miro presentation is working. That’s the real drawback to not having many or any fans in the building. That was always the barometer to which you gauge what was working. To me, I’ve always liked the destructive big powerhouse that was Rusev that could be Miro now. Tying him up in a wedding angle and playing video games, which may be who he really is, I’m not a big fan of. I think it’s very much like when they did the personality type profile thing with Finn Balor in NXT when they showed him playing with his Legos. I’m like, ok, he may really play with Legos, but the demon Finn Balor shouldn’t be playing with Legos. I thought he was a cool badass and now I think he is a guy that plays with Legos. Miro, again, maybe he is doing it to promote his Twitch and his other interests rather than his AEW interests, I don’t know. But, I would prefer to see big badass Miro rather than hanging out with Kip Sabian playing video games. But again, I’m in that over, just barely over 50+ demo, so maybe I’m not the guy they are targeting.”

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