During his recent podcast, former WWE Producer Arn Anderson talked about what went wrong with Enzo Amore and Big Cass during their time in WWE:

“That’s fine to be over in NXT at that time. There was no NXT television show yet. When you go up to the main roster, now you’re starting to have your own TV now. You can take 200 people in a crowd of 10,000 and if they choose to be heard, they sound very loud. I’m talking about fans scattered around the arena. If they are chanting the same thing, 200 people can make a lot of noise. The fact is, they did have that following. They came up to the main roster. They had a match or two and the people were getting with the promos. The second they put Cass in the program with Big Show, he quit listening. I know because I was the producer of that match. Here’s the Giant willing to put this guy over and he was fighting us every step of the way. Same thing with Enzo. I had Enzo in some 205 matches, on house shows, and he was doing every stupid thing he could do to make the babyface look foolish. It was some of the Lucha guys he was working with and they didn’t know the difference until I started pointing it out to them. I think the fact that you don’t take the guidance from the producers that are there to help you and know better than you do about what is going to get over and what’s not, when you quit listening and you decide you’re a bigger star than they are an assist to your success, and you’re going to do it your way, that’s when you’re going to start heading downhill. They made some mistakes and it didn’t take very long before they had heat in the locker room. Then they started to fall apart out in the ring as far as production and then they started getting heat with the office. That’s what happened. They self-destructed.”

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