Former WWE referee Jimmy Korderas provided some criticism of the AJ Styles promo from Monday’s RAW where Stylesmentioned The Undertaker by his real name: 

“I had a different issue with it. I know people went ‘oooo’ when AJ Styles went a little inside baseball and he called The Undertaker his real shoot name.” 

“I’m not a big fan of that because it’s like watching the Godfather and all of a sudden you call Michael Corleone ‘Al Pacino’ in the middle of the thing. It makes no sense to me. Watch wrestling, yes I get it we suspend disbelief. We’re supposed to buy into the characters, but if you’re supposed to buy into the characters and you’re gonna buy into wrestling as a whole and suspend disbelief. Let’s not go overboard and we start tearing down that fourth wall to the point where all credibility goes out the window. Stick with the characters, stay that way, have fun with it.”

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