FTR recently did an interview with Inside The Ropes and here are a few highlights… 

Dax Harwood on how they got some heat in AEW for going on Jim Cornette’s podcast: “It’s funny that you mentioned Jim Cornette, because we did the Jim Cornette podcast, and man, the next day we walked in, actually it was the hotel where all the AEW wrestlers were staying, and you know the scene in the movie where the record scratches and everything stops and everybody stares at you? That’s exactly what happened. So awkward. They were all so mad at us because we did Jim Cornette’s podcast, and that’s OK with us, we don’t care. If we make friends, we make friends, and we’ve made a few, but if they want to get mad at us because we’re trying to make AEW a better place and make it more money, we welcome that.” 

Cash Wheeler on Tony Khan and the vibe in AEW: “Tony Khan. Streamlined. I feel like it’s finding its groove more and more as the shows go on, because it’s still in its infancy right now. It’s been on TV for less than a year still. And it’s every week, and I’m not just saying this because we’re the best tag team on the planet and we’re on their TV, every week I see it getting betterand people finding their groove and people getting establishedand seeing what works and what doesn’t.”

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