As seen on this week’s WWE RAW, Ricochet lost a 24/7 Title match to Riddick Moss after being squashed by Brock Lesnarat Super Showdown. 

With Paul Heyman reportedly being a big supporter of Ricochet, there is speculation that Vince McMahon made the call to stop pushing Ricochet. Dave Meltzer of discussed the situation and here is what he said courtesy of  

”I don’t know what the mentality is. Obviously… Ricochet’s done. I mean maybe they will… but, it’s Vince! You know he may change his mind next week, but this week he’s done. He’s so done. You know this was a burial without a doubt.” 

“Who knows? He just gets these things in his head like with Cedric Alexander he was supposed to get a big push and Vince just buried the guy and now he’s burying another guy.”

The YouTube video of the RAW match currently has 3.8k likes vs. 3.4k dislikes. 

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