In an interview with Raj Giri of, Ric Flair gave his thoughts on the Drew McIntyre vs. Randy Orton match at WWE Summerslam: 

“They delivered. What a match. I mean talk about two heavyweights going at it. I was thinking to myself, boy, this is so damn good. There is no winner. There is no loser. I liked the ending. That’s how Kerry Von Erich beat me in Dallas. When you have a match that good, people are waking up today going, it doesn’t matter who won or lost. We we as fans won, and that’s the name of the game. God, what a match they had.” 

It was done in such a chain of events and excitement that it fits in. The problem is sometimes just a plain wrestling move is better than jumping off the top rope or getting suplexed off, which they had in the body of the match, but when you get beat with a wrestling move, nobody loses, everybody gains, especially the audience.”

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