Meredith Bell, who was the lead singer for the choirperformance of Chris Jericho’s song Judas at the AEW Revolution PPV, revealed on Twitter how the role came to be: 

“Guys… when I posted the original acapella cover of ‘Judas,’ I was honestly bored, LOL. It was a Saturday, I was killing time between getting ready to see my friend’s play in Atlantic City…I never, EVER, thought it would come to this. Jericho messaged me personally two days after I posted the vid, and asked me to come up with a choir of talented individuals to do this performance with me. Thankfully, I have friends in the local Philly theatre scene that I was able to call on. They KILLED IT. It was a month of me composing the arrangement, scheduling, rehearsals, tears, and general anxiety kicking my ass, but it paid off in the end, and I am so, SO thankful. I have said since I was 13 that I wanted to sing at a wrestling PPV. This was literally a dream come true.”

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