The Miz Rips Zack Ryder Over His New T-Shirt Design, Ryder ...

The Miz recently appeared on WWE’s The Bump and talked about losing his main event push in the company:

“I look at it and I go, I did everything I could in that moment to elevate myself, elevate the title. I mean I did it all, it was incredible. I’m working the face of the company, John Cena, I’m working with The Rock, who in the Attitude Era I thought the world of. I still do think the world of him, and I think he is just a special talent.”

“And then, losing the title and getting out of the main event area for a while? It made me realize ‘wow, it just doesn’t stay there, you have to keep working as hard if not harder once you’re there on top.’ People think you can relax and sit back? No I didn’t do that, but you have to work even harder than you did to stay at that level.”

“I feel like I’m at the top level, like, I don’t think anyone can match me in the ring. Now you may be able to debate me, everyone may be able to debate me but in my mind, in my head? I know my knowledge, and what I bring to the table in WWE and I don’t think there’s anyone that can compare to me.”

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