During an appearance on Vickie Guerrero’s podcast, Priscilla Kelly talked about an idea that was considered for her and then-husband Darby Allin in AEW: 

“The thought was flown around for me to be put with him (Darby Allin) in AEW. They said ‘You come in and you are his wife. You get kicked in the face and then he gets mad.’ There were a lot of ideas thrown around from this person and that person about this and that. I explained to everybody that I could come in and do a wife spot that could eventually lead to me having matches or whatever it may be.” 

“Here’s the problem with that. If I came in and I’m introduced as Darby’s wife, I’m forever by the fans going to be known as just his wife. Then from there on out, everything I do in the ring or on a promo is going to be heavily compared to him and I immediately become Robin to Batman.” 

“I think so many people don’t realize, and I’m sure a lot of women would be ok with that kind of role, but me personally when I’ve worked just as hard and just as long for my career, I don’t want my entire work and passion to be credited or overshadowed by your partner. I always wanted him and I to be seen as an equal powerhouse couple where we both bring our own thing to the table. People want to put you together with whoever you are dating.”
 (quote courtesy of WrestlingNews.co)

Kelly noted that even though her and Allin got divorced, they are still “best friends” and get along great. 

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