WWE Intercontinental Champion Jeff Hardy recently did an interview with BT Sport and here is an excerpt: 


“It’s definitely to be through the struggles of addiction and alcoholism and to be sober now and like and experiencing everything because I’ve been here before. I’ve done sober runs in the past, but it’s just I’ve never completely committed to it and surrendered to the whole idea of like me having a problem. That’s a huge part of it; getting in trouble with the law is no fun, and I hope and pray that’s over because I said when I came back, ‘This is my last chance to get it right,’ and that is so true. I can’t screw up again. If I do, I am done. So yeah, I think that’s what brings so much happiness. And I have my family. And everybody in my family’s healthy, that’s again, I thank god for that every day. And I pray that we can continue this happiness that we’re on, but things are going to happen, trials and tribulations. You know, it’s just human life. But just living day-to-day, just one day at a time, has been huge for me. I think that’s great way to live, even outside of recovery because you know ever know what tomorrow holds. The guy from Black Panther [Chadwick Boseman], when I heard what happened to him, he had been suffering from colon cancer for four years. It just inspired just knowing he held that secret so much. And he would go to hospitals and visit sick kids. And it just touched my soul. So, I just want to be an example and a good overall kind of person.”

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