In an interview with Bill Pritchard of, Chris Jericho commented on AEW resuming events with fans in attendance: 

The idea is to get people back in the crowd. We’ve always had a crowd but it’s very orchestrated, our people. The idea behind all of this was to keep our shows as exciting and as relevant as possible and for us to have a crowd ready to come back when we’re ready to have them. I’d love to see that soon. I have some friends that are stand-up comedians in LA and they’re getting ready to do shows in Arizona, Oklahoma, Utah, Texas, and it’s a one-third capacity to start out, see how it goes.” 

“For us in Jacksonville at Daily’s Place, it’s a 6,000 seat amphitheater. You could put 1,000 people in there and space them out six feet accordingly and have a 1,000 people. I think we’re just waiting on the okay from the governor on that. I say, hell, start with 100 people, start with 200 people, whatever the rule is. I think we’re almost there,” Jericho said, “because if stand-up comedy has it there’s no reason why wrestling can’t have it either. It’s not like we’re running through the crowd or not like they’d be super-stacked together. We have the right venue for that so hopefully, it’s just a matter of time.”

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