As previously noted, Braun Strowman was publicly critical of indy wrestlers using services like Go Fund Me and Patreon to make up for lost income due to the Coronavirus outbreak. 

Jim Cornette gave his thoughts on Strowman and here is what he said courtesy of 

“When you have somebody of that size, and that strength, then they attract the attention of the WWE who then pays you to basically go to school and he’s one of the guys that they’ve done that. That’s why I used to get on the guys that had contracts in OVW, you gotta work harder, you’re being paid to go to school. He was paid to train, they trained him, and now he makes money guaranteed, whether he wrestles or not, because he’s with the biggest company. This guy probably couldn’t survive 15 seconds in the actual wrestling business, and probably wouldn’t want to, and nobody would probably want him to.” 

“I’m sure that Braun Strowman has worked harder at wrestling than he has at anything in his life, and guess what, bucko, used to you would have had to work that hard and make absolutely no money at it until you got good at it and somebody noticed you and then maybe you’d get a spot. So you should be down on your f***ing knees every day thanking Vince McMahon that they paid you to train, you f***ing big jackoff.” 

“I understand the thought that they put into these guys mindsthat, ‘Well, you’re paying your dues here at the Performance Center.’ Bull f***ing shit. You don’t pay dues at the Performance Center. You work your ass off to athletically train but you don’t pay any dues. You don’t go out and take a chance on getting stabbed by fans, you don’t drive in the car 600 miles each way with a bunch of other guys, you don’t f***ing get screwed on a f***ing payoff or goddamn make $50 because the promoter said, ‘Well, we left the backdoor open, bunch of people got in for free.’ You’re not in the wrestling business, you’re in a very high tech program where they pay you to go to school.” 

“Anybody who has only been in the WWE system, that has come from the Performance Center, this is not knocking their talent, but they haven’t ever been in the wrestling business. And so they got no ability whatsoever to tell people that are actually in the wrestling business what they should or shouldn’t be doing.”

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