Jim Ross Has Officially Joined AEW, But Not As An Announcer

In an interview with WrestlingInc.com, Jim Ross talked about his status with AEW and not appearing on Dynamite for the time being:

“Tony Khan and I had a very long and thoughtful talk that he initiated. I’m an asset for that company in his view, and mine too, and he said I’ve got to protect you because he knows I won’t protect myself. So, the decision was to stay home for a couple of days and I’m not gonna be on Dynamite this week or next until we see where this thing is headed. If it gets worse, I’m 68 and in a high-risk group. I don’t wanna die. I don’t wanna get the flu because my ego says I’ve gotta be on TV. ‘Oh I can’t lose my spot, because then I won’t get my push!’ Stop. Please.”

“You’re comparing apples to oranges as we’re not the NFL, NBA or MLB. We’re a theatrical presentation and a TV show. All of those empty arenas are empty studios. It’s not about selling tickets at this point in time as it’s about giving the audience a little break from this insanity that we’re all dealing with. It’s an entertainment show and I applaud all of those guys that are braving the elements and challenges of the coronavirus to put on an entertaining show on Wednesday nights.”

“It’s important for us to maintain some continuity. I don’t have the format and I can’t tell you what they’re gonna do on Wednesday, but I know that the effort will be there. I’m gonna be watching the show on Wednesday just like a fan, which I love. That’s the thing about not knowing the finishes – I don’t need to know your finish. I don’t need to know your spots. If I’m not good enough to recognize what you’re doing or you’re not good enough to tell me a story, then we have issues… It’s an interesting time in our lives and I don’t think pro wrestling is in danger, but we’ve gotta maintain our growth as best we can under the circumstances. We’ve got to be smart and take into consideration what this virus is. We can never lose sight of what we’re facing right now.”

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