Former WWE Superstar Aiden English (Matt Rehwoldt) recently told a story on his YouTube channel about how he and some other Superstars were almost fired for some fun they had in a post-show dark match a few years back.

English, who was released from WWE back on April 15 due to COVID-19 budget cuts, recalled how he wanted to “take the seriousness of TV off” during the dark main event, by doing something goofy. The match featured English, Rusev and King Baron Corbin taking on AJ Styles and The Usos.

English noted how The Usos started doing a Superkick Party and the plan was to keep “feeding” The Usos with victims. English received a good amount of the superkicks and was supposed to stop The Usos from hitting the kicks before delivering a superkick of his own. The Usos were then supposed to superkick him one last time. The referee ended up joining the Superkick Party this night. Styles took the referee’s shirt off and put it on himself, then the referee joined The Usos for a triple Superkick Party.

When the Superstars returned to the backstage area after the match, they were “chewed a new one” by official. English recalled how Triple H and Vince McMahon were not there, but producers ripped them to pieces for the stunt with the referee, and they were told that they “buried the business” with the in-ring angle.

The stunt happened one week before WrestleMania. The Superstars were told that they could be released for what happened, or fined up to $20,000. They were sat down at a green room location at the hotel used for WrestleMania Week, and the group of Superstars had to hear about how terrible of a decision they made that night. They were not fired for what happened, and didn’t have to pay a fine.

However, English tweeted a link to the video and wrote, “Fun Fact: John Cena apparently paid our fine…”

It looks like the Superstars didn’t have to pay the fine because Cena stepped in and took care of it, but no other details were provided.

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