During an interview with WrestleTalk.com, Jon Moxley commented on the state of AEW since the Coronavirus pandemic started to affect the United States: 

“I remember we were in Salt Lake City the last time we were in front of people. I went up on Tuesday to film a sit-down interview with JR because I was gonna get taken out for a couple weeks being powerbombed off the stage. So I had a pretty easy job and it would have been a quick 30-minute flight and I’ve been going coast to coast from Philadelphia to Bostonand Japan to Memphis to wherever to Atlanta.” 

“So I was excited because we were on the West Coast and it was an easy travel for me and everyone else across the country and then my flight got delayed and then it got delayed again and then it got delayed again. I’m like ‘what the hell is going on? It’s just a quick little puddle jumper over to Salt Lake City. Then I realized that all the flights all over the country were screwed up when everything starts hitting. So it was like a zombie apocalypse movie when something starts going wrong.” 

“Needless to say everything got screwed up. Plans for everything going forward are in flux and yeah, I don’t wanna give anything away or anything like that, but for me it’s about taking every… you know, the future’s real weird right now it’s all kinda touch-and-go, yeah obviously.” 

“Circumstances aside I’m gonna get in the ring whether there’s nobody in the audience or 1,000 people in the audience, whatever it is. I just take whatever opportunities are presented and make the most of it and work my ass off in the ring and just put in 100% effort.”

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