During a NJPW interview with Kevin Kelly, Jon Moxley talked about the “forbidden door” being opened and the wrestling business changing from how it used to be:

“And just because of the way things have been done the last 10 years, 20 years, whatever, in different places all over the world, in different countries. I think maybe people are looking at it now, ‘Maybe we can do things differently now than what we’ve always done,’ because of the adjustments they’ve had to make during the pandemic has opened their mind to different adjustments. Maybe this guy could come over here. We can bring in a guy over here. Or maybe this company can work with this company, and so forth. Maybe everybody kind of is looking at it like, the business is taking a hit and having to adapt.

Maybe we can all work together to make pro wrestling better because the better pro wrestling is as a sport, as a business, as a whole, the better it is for everybody. That’s what the fans want. ultimately, that’s what the wrestlers want. So, I think a lot of ‘forbidden doors’ and all this and stuff that seemed impossible because of the way things have been done — I think anything is possible going forward. But me, I don’t care what anybody else thinks. I’ll walk in wherever I want. If I think there’s an opponent that I want to wrestle or something I want to accomplish, I won’t look at why it can’t be done. I will look at how it can be done, and I will make it happen.”

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