Former WWE star JTG appeared on Lilian Garcia’s podcast and talked about the anonymous $40,000 donation that was made to Shad Gaspard’s family: 

“I’m not a hundred percent confirm but I’m 99.9% sure you know there was a donation for $40,000 and it was, they said that the person donated the money was CTC RIP and CTC was a faction between Cryme Tyme and John Cena and it was 2008. It was one also one of the most fun I’ve ever had at the WWE was teaming with Cena.”

JTG also reflected on the day that Shad disappeared at Venice Beach and getting the news from Shad’s wife: 

“I’m like yeah, this is real. She’s a good actress but I said I’m gonna go along with it. I jumped in the shower, brushed my teeth and I rushed over there. Then we were on the beach with flashlights looking for Shad. We were there for a few hours. I was there until a little past midnight. I think that day I accepted it. I had to accept it, yeah I didn’t. I was waiting for a big bear hug from behind but a part of me is still waiting for that big bear hug from behind.”

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