Kevin Owens did an interview with and talked about the 2020 WWE Draft: 

“I think it’s that chance to hopefully get that opportunity to get a fresh start. I don’t know what it is about me. I feel like I give it my all, I deliver every time I’m on the air, but for some reason, I feel like I always end up in a situation where I could always use a fresh start after a little while. I always try my best to do that, so it always helps to get a new platform. Here I am again one year later, and last year, I was so desperate to move to Raw and I got moved to Raw. Now, I’m pretty desperate to move to SmackDown because, for some reason, I don’t feel like things are working out for me on Raw. Maybe it’ll be better on SmackDown. But at this time last year, I didn’t think things were working out for me on SmackDown and thought Raw was maybe the place.” 

“I’m sure this year will be no different, [but] I feel frustrated [with] how far into the draft I get picked. Last year was a new low. I was picked so late. I was very angry, but you know, I’m probably one of many who feel that way when they’re drafted. The drafts are actually always kind of stressful because you don’t know where you’re going until they announce it on TV or the supplemental draft that they do online after, so you don’t know who you’re going to be with.” 

“Now, it’s kind of different because we’re not necessarilytraveling currently and might not be for a while. But when we’re traveling on the road, sometimes that means you don’t know if your road partner will be on the same show as you. You don’t know if your friends are going to be on the same brand anymore. While that might seem like a small inconvenience, when you’re on the road as much as we are or were at that point, the people that are around you in a lot of ways keep you sane. It’s a big deal, you know? You never know anything going into the draft, so it’s always a pretty stressful day to be honest.”

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