In an interview with, Kofi Kingston talked about CM Punk distancing himself from friends after leaving WWE: 

“As far as our relationship I have no sour grapes. A lot of people were I guess kind of mad that they got cut off, but that’s kind of where he was in his life. So you have to afford people that space to be where they feel like they need to be and that’s just part of life and personal growth. That’s really what life is all about is growing, and that’s just kind of where he was at. 

I’ll always be grateful for the time that we had and always consider him to be my brother, regardless of what happens from this point forward. I was glad to see him get the gig with FOX and kind of be back in the fold because to me it seemed like he had found something, like a sense of happiness

And that’s really all that I want for him is to be happy. So as long as he’s happy and enjoying life then I’m happy for him and I always will be.”

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