Becky Lynch is reportedly going to be featured in a major national women’s magazine and she is apparently getting other offers in Hollywood. Paul Davis of noted the following: 

“I was told that her Twitter presence has helped her a lot. One source told me that at certain times during feuds, Paul Heyman has suggested things for her to tweet and her Twitter strategy appears to be working.”

In a recent interview with, Becky Lynch commented on the changes to WWE programming due to the Coronavirus pandemic: 

“The thing is, it’s a crazy time. You have to see what works and what doesn’t. The fact that we have the ability to make morecinematic matches, I think it’s a testament to how we can adjust and move forward. I think we have to keep going along those lines. Not necessarily every match has to be a cinematic match, but just [exploring] different ways of dialogue and how we adjust our storytelling to this new reality we’re in now.”

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