Roman Reigns has not been mentioned on WWE television since pulling out of the Wrestlemania 36 PPV and there was a report going around that people in WWE were instructed to not use his name.

Dave Meltzer of noted the following regarding the extent of Reigns’ name not being mentioned:

“One thing really notable in the recent Make-a-wish video showing all the top talent doing wishes was no Reigns. One month ago, he’d have had as many if not more scenes than anyone else in such a video.”

There has been internet speculation about Reigns having heat with the company but it’s also possible that the company just doesn’t want to mention his name until he’s ready to return.

A Netflix movie that Reigns was part of, entitled The Wrong Missy, will premiere on May 13th.

Reigns posted the following on Twitter in response to a fan’s tattoo:

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