Mike Johnson of PWInsider.com is reporting that Vince McMahon and Bruce Prichard are the two key people when it comes to WWE’s creative decisions. Prichard was described to Johnson as the most powerful person in WWE right now outside of the McMahon family and Johnson noted the following: 

“Creatively, everything flows through Prichard at the moment and his word has been described as ‘very much the Gospel’ for Vince McMahon, which as you might image, being in that position translates into a lot of frustration and heat towards Prichard among talents privately.”

Triple H was reportedly at RAW instead of Prichard and there were people that described the situation to PWInsider as a “breath of fresh air.” 

The word is that McMahon continues to be hands-on with segments including Drew McIntyre’s sword entrance right down to how McIntyre should handle the sword. 

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