It was previously reported that Bushiroad, the parent company of Japanese women’s wrestling promotion Stardom, is interesting in signing Kairi Sane and Io Shirai once their WWE contracts expire. 

Dave Meltzer of noted that Io’s pay could be a factor in her decision: 

“Io may be moved to the main roster real quick to keep that from happening because then her pay goes way up because her pay in NXT is nothing special. I heard she was making more money [with STARDOM].”

Meltzer also commented on male stars that could be going to AEW in 2020: 

“There’s rumors about Matt Hardy. Again, his contract is up in a couple of months. I think that he’s doing Broken Matt Hardysegments so whether it’s Impact or Ring Of Honor or AEW…in that situation if you’re trying to be high profile then AEW is your best bet. I would think that he might end up there.” 

“Brodie Lee, the former Luke Harper, his deal is gonna be up in less than 3 months. The Revival, they haven’t signed [with WWE]. They’re being embarrassed. If you’re The Revival and you don’t want to [stay with] WWE, who do you want to feud with? The Young Bucks and The Revival have been setting up that feud with each other for years.”

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