Darren Rovell of ActionNetwork.com is reporting that XFL commissioner Oliver Luck is suing Vince McMahon for wrongful termination. The lawsuit was filed last Thursday and Rovell is claiming he is owed money that was guaranteed when he became the commissioner in May 2018.

Rovell noted the following:

“Sources say Luck received a contract for in between $20-25 million over five years. The contract stipulated he’d be due the remaining balance if terminated without cause.”

TheAthletic.com’s Daniel Kaplan provided an excerpt of the complaint:

Despite fulfilling his obligations as Commissioner and CEO since May 30, 2018, Mr. Luck was wrongfully terminated by Alpha Entertainment LLC (“Alpha”), an affiliate of Defendant, on April 9, 2020. Thus, Alpha has repudiated Mr. Luck’s employment agreement. Mr. Luck brings this action for breach of contract and declaratory judgment against McMahon.

Luck’s lawsuit mentioned that he wasn’t listed a creditor in the XFL’s bankruptcy filing due to McMahon’s Alpha Entertainment rejecting several executive contracts at the same time as filing the petition. With the bankruptcy court approving the contract rejections, Luck decided to take legal action against McMahon.

Darren Heitner, sports lawyer and founder of Heitner Legal, issued the following comment to Rovell:

“The to-be-expected motion to dismiss from McMahon and the response will be interesting from a legal perspective. Luck’s contract was not with McMahon personally. Will the court be convinced that McMahon’s pledge to provide his own money adds personal liability? Seems to be a stretch.”

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