During a recent edition of Busted Open Radio, Mark Henry discussed Roman Reigns being pulled from the Wrestlemania 36 match against Bill Goldberg. While the match has been taped and Braun Strowman is rumored to be the new opponent, Henry pitched the idea of Matt Riddle replacing Reigns: 

“They [the fans] want this. Man, I love things that go together. I like peanut butter. I like jelly, I like milk, and I like cereal. And I definitely like meat on my sandwiches so I mean you gotta beable to put things together that match, that go together. that everybody wants to see.” 

“Matt Riddle and Goldberg had an issue. Some of them based off respect [on Riddle’s side]. ‘You know, you overstepping your bounds, like you haven’t paid enough dues to be comfortable like that.’” 

“And whatever the case may be, but I’m just saying. If you have an issue, and it’s gonna go to blows and it almost went to blows a couple of times. Yep. let em fight, put it together.”

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