In an interview with, Matt Hardy discussed the rumors of him being the Dark Order’s Exalted One in AEW: 

“I mean they’re definitely listening to the diehard voice a lot more strongly than a WWE is right now. And you kind of get that because the WWE is much more corporate, a much more globally stretching and sprawling company. But AEW, they’re doing a great job of keeping people guessing. They’ll lay something on the table, but then there’s so many different directions you could go and you’re not sure of it. And the Exalted One is another example of that, for instance. But I think with AEW, they’re really paying attention. They’re listening to the fans and they’re also doing the most important thing that I think you can do in wrestling in this day and age, be unpredictable.” 

“And this is their characters, he’s good, he’s bad, whatever. And then there’s other guys that are more diehard fans that watch it and go, “Okay, well I know that Matt Hardy is this character and he is feuding right now with this Kenny Omega character. So Hmm, what are they going to do? And I think they’ll produce a great match. No, they’re not going to do this.” And they’re over analyzing it because they’re looking at it from a booking standpoint, like these are two characters that someone is pulling the strings on. I think we’re serving kind of both those masters and I think AEW does a good job at walking the line and kind of serving both.”

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