With his WWE contract set to expire, Matt Hardy released a video update regarding his status in the wrestling business. Hardy announced that as of Monday, March 2nd he has decided to let his contract expire and he is officially a free agent. Hardy said that he loves WWE and they’ve been good to him and his family. Hardy said he isn’t going to rule out a return to WWE and he is grateful to the company. Hardy said it’s time for him to take a break, become a free agent, and weigh his options. Hardy mentioned that he feels from a creative standpoint, him and WWE are on a different page. Hardy wants to enter a creative renaissance and feels he still has something to offer to the business. Hardy said he’s getting older and he needs to take advantage of the situation. Hardy said he will be watching WWE, Impact Wrestling, AEW, NXT, NWA, ROH, NJPW, and other promotions to see what his best option is. 

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