Matt Hardy recently did a Twitter Q&A and here are the highlights… 

Doing a live Deletion match: “That would be a daunting challenge, but it’s possible. I would envision it as a DELETION battle meets Broadway.” 

Goals for 2020: “Be a better father & husband. Be more present in the moment. Take care of myself & stay healthy. Find myself in a position where I’m creatively fulfilled & happy with what I’m doing at work. Enter a Creative Renaissance because of it. Venture down new biz avenues. Relax more.” 

How long he plans to wrestle: “If I am utilized correctly, 3-4 years. Yes, I will help & make newer talent. I’ve already been doing that in the past – But it takes weeks of storytelling to do correctly, not just a few minutes.” 

Working with Jeff again: “Jeff will forever have an invitation to join if he so wishes. Without #BrotherNero, the #BROKEN Universe would have never got off the ground like it did.” 

Matt’s current status: “To clarify, I believe I’m still top talent. My VESSEL isn’t as athletic as it was 20 years ago, but it’s more entertaining. I offer a unique skill set that NO ONE else does. Just need the forum & opportunity to showcase it. I’m also a pretty good promoter, creator & ambassador.” 

Cody Rhodes: “Always got along well with him. Very talented performer. The waves that he’s been able to make with Bucks/Omega/Khan are impressive & remarkable. Kudos to him for helping to make pro wrestling a healthier industry.”

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