During an appearance on Lilian Garcia’s podcast, Drew McIntyre discussed Wrestlemania 36 and the changes made to the show:

“When I found out about it, I was obviously upset. I was very angry. But I didn’t realize the magnitude of the situation until I got back home. I was still feeling down on myself. I worked so hard to get this moment and it’s all happening the way I imagined, then it’s not going to happen the way I imagined and I couldn’t believe it. Then I started watching the news and realized what was going on and the WWE was pushing forward with WrestleMania and give everybody an escape. The fact that I was going to fight Brock in the main event, that was bigger than my selfish reasons and I started thinking this was a positive. We are going to give everybody an escape. I can give them a happy ending if they are invested in my story and finally get that happy ending at Wrestlemania.”

“That is the biggest thing in the world to me and watching it back, watching it on the couch, feeling like it’s the first time watching it because when I won the title, I hid the title upstairs in a room. I wasn’t allowed to look at it. It never happened. So, I relived the moment on the couch with the wife and the cats, reacting to every move. She almost got elbowed a few times when I was giving Claymores and taking F-5s so she had to move to the side of the couch. I had the same reaction as when I won the title.”

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