In an interview with, Drew McIntyre talked about the building atmosphere at Wrestlemania 36: 

“I had the whole locker room to myself. Everyone was following the protocol to a T. They’ve got it down to a science, following the CDC guidelines, maybe even more precaution-wise. I’ve never seen so few people there. That’s why it was so hard to believe it was WrestleMania because it didn’t feel like it when I was in the building. I was like, ‘This is so weird. It’s like a ghost town in here.’ And I’m backstage waiting to walk out for the match, and I’m thinking, ‘This is really weird. I’m psyched up because this is the match. This is WrestleMania.’” 

“Then my music hit, and I just slipped into the zone. I walked out there, and it was like 80,000 people were there. I was so in the zone. I was so in the moment, understanding how big this was, and Brock Lesnar walks out to the ring. You see Brock Lesnar look at you like you’re lunch. He was in fight mode. He had that look in his eyes. I had that look in my eyes. If you could read my mind, I was literally thinking, ‘If you pull any funny business, I’ll drop you, Lesnar.’ That’s what was going through my head as we’re staring at each other. That was my favorite part as we’re staring each other down. We were in the moment. We had the match. It was physical, and after I’ve won, that’s when all the emotions started coming in. It’s exactly the same is if there was a crowd of people there. I had that moment. The journey goes through my head, all the sacrificesthat I’ve made, my family’s made, my wife’s made. All in that moment as I was handed the title, and I remembered, ‘Oh yeah. There’s millions of people watching around the world.’”

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