In an interview with Jonathan Snowden of, Drew McIntyre talked about being WWE Champion during the Covid-19 pandemic and not having one appearance in front of the fans since winning the title: 

“I can’t wait for that moment until everybody can get back together. I want to be the first one that walks out there. I don’t want any dark matches. I don’t want any match prior. I want to walk down there as champion and see how the crowd responds.” 

“Obviously that crowd reaction is what we generally go by. But we live in 2020. Social media is huge. We can get a feel of how people are reacting right now by social media. I see what I see on mine. I’m not obsessed with it, but we do have our team that inform me people are feeling very positive about things, which is cool.” 

“I will have some butterflies. They’re butterflies of excitement. There’ll be some nerves. But I really do hope that we don’t have that dark match and I do get the opportunity to walk out there with the title and raise it up there and say, ‘I didn’t quite get my WrestleMania moment but this is our fricking wrestling moment.’”

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