In a post on’s message board, Dave Meltzer talked about the WWE releases that were made back on April 15th: 

“These cuts were all Vince [McMahon]. In the end, all cuts are, but these were not cuts asked for and rubber stamped by Vince, these were Vince cuts who then came to others after and told them. Nobody even got names until after Vince madethe decisions. Perhaps Paul [Heyman] & Bruce [Prichard] could have argued, and perhaps they did and perhaps they didn’t because you have to be very careful picking your spots. But when it comes to guys Vince had buyers remorse on the size of the deal, they weren’t changing his mind.”

Meltzer added the following comment when someone said that Luke Gallows, Karl Anderson, and Mike Bennett were “clear cases of buyers remorse”: 

“A little, but more, everyone who didn’t accept first offers or complained about anything that wasn’t on top was let go.”

As previously noted, stars such as Gallows and Andersonreportedly signed contracts in 2019 for around $750,000 per year. noted that Mike and Maria Kanellis signed for around $500,000 per year in 2019. 

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