In an interview with Inside The Ropes, MJF comments on the criticism of his character in AEW. We (Neil) has been critical on our recents shows of the latest MJF promos but overall we view him as one of the top young talents in the business:

“You know, it’s funny the comparisons were changing every week. When I first debuted, the comparisons were, ‘He’s another EC3’ and then I surpassed those comparisons so they kept moving the goal post. ‘Oh he’s just another Miz,’ they moved the goal post. ‘Ah, he’s great but he’s no Randy Orton.’ Uh, screw me man. That’s somebody I grew up watching and idolizing. ‘He’s great but he’s no Chris Jericho’ then I got in the ring with Chris Jericho and people went, ‘Oh man, oh snap. He’s not just holding his own here, he’s kinda taking the ball, running and scoring a touchdown’ and that’s what I love about pro wrestling is the fans constantly feel the need that they need to be satiated and they need to be proven right, but no one’s been proven right about me yet. The dialogue about me when I first came in was I was a guy that was just good at promos. Then, I got to have the Jungle Boy match and I got to kind of shove it down everybody’s throat that not only am I good at wrestling, I’m great at wrestling, but I’m a special attraction. I’m not gonna come on Dynamite and wrestle every single week. That’s not my job. Roddy Piper didn’t wrestle every single week. Roddy Piper, he grabbed you by the balls and when it was time for him to wrestle, it was either a pay-per-view or it was a big money match on TV. That’s what MJF is all about. So for me, that was one of the rare instances I got to go out there and show the world how great I am as a pro wrestler. So, the comparisons to Chris Jericho, do I like them? Yeah, I love every comparison I get because they’re comparing me to great talents, but I do find it interesting that the goal post keepsgetting moved more and more. I won’t be shocked by the time it goes, ‘MJF is great but he’s not as good as God’ and when that happens, we’ll have jumped the shark and we’re getting pretty close to those comparisons.”

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