In what has been seen as a shock,

WWE announced the following:

WWE has come to terms on the release of Akam and Rezar (AOP). We wish them all the best in their future endeavors.

Rezar had surgery to repair his torn right biceps earlier this year was expected to miss the rest of 2020. WWE had decided to not use Akam while Rezar was injured. The team had been aligned with Seth Rollins prior to Rezar’s injury and were largely expected to pickup where they left off upon their return.

The release comes as such a shock due to the timing. Rezar was cleared to return to the ring just 7 days before the release was announced and a big return was expected. Previously they have been likened to the Road Warriors with both Paul Heyman and HHH planning to turn them into the modern day incarnation of the legendary team, even going as far as to bring back Paul Ellering to manage them.

Speculation currently suggests that talks broke down between the pair and WWE officials over plans for their return and money. This caused WWE to question the future of AOP and ultimately decide that giving them their release was the best option for all involved. What is next for the pair is unknown but with 90 days on their non compete means we won’t see anything from them outside of WWE before December.

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