During his recent podcast, Jim Cornette commented on fans wanting to see him manage The Revolt (formerly The Revival) in AEW. Here is what he said courtesy of 411Mania.com:

“Every time that something like that is teased, then it starts on Twitter and I get emails, and everybody [asks] ‘Are you gonna manage The Revival?’ And even Uncle Dave [Meltzer] chipped in this past week, I guess in his newsletter he said, ‘Unless Cornette has been perpetrating a work of Biblical proportions, he’s not going to AEW.’ And for once, Dave’s right on the nose on that. But everybody — and I want to try to explain. Even if, in a perfect world, ladies and gentlemen. If competent, adult, serious professionals were the Executive Vice Presidents of All Elite Wrestling instead of Kenny Olivier and the Road Warrior Bucks, I would still not be the manager of the Revival in All Elite Wrestling on a full-time basis. And that’s never been something that was gonna happen.”

“So for everybody that always sends the tweets and emails. I love The Revival, no matter what name they’re under. Those guys not only were wrestling fans, but they had the eye to see what the s**t was supposed to be like, and the dedication to train themselves to do it. And every time I have seen them — I haven’t followed weekly for the last five years. But every time I have seen them, they have had a great match and they have excelled at something that very few people can do well anymore at all. And I do agree that probably a manager would help them out, because if there’s any weak point in their game, it may be the promo aspect. And I would love to have managed them in the old days when I was younger, if we were either in a territory or we could drive or I still had the love of the wrestling business to put up with getting on planes. But I’m not younger, I ain’t gonna fly. And as everybody knows that listens to this program, I would be insane to give up…all the things I’ve been doing the last several years to just jump into a full-time wrestling job for somebody else again.”

Cash Wheeler of The Revolt responded to a fan’s comment regarding the team’s ring names:

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