Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez of F4WOnline.com discussed the editing that was done for the pre-taped Wrestlemania 36 event. 

Meltzer: “The matches were taped and edited and re-done. There were matches that were done this last week where when there was a missed spot [they would be like] ‘cut, stop, let’s redo it.’” 

Alvarez: “There was for sure editing this match [Women’s tag team titles] because there was a spot where Nikki hit a twisting DDT on Asuka and all of a sudden, Kairi literally flew in out of nowhere with a flying elbow to break it up so there was editing here in this match and there were spots in other matches where it clearly somebody fell onto a crash pad and then they removed the crash pad. There was one of those in the laddermatch.”

It’s believed that the bump Alvarez was referring to was when Jimmy Uso fell to the outside of the ring but his landing was not shown. 

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