Former WWE star Zack Ryder filed trademarks for the terms“Internet Champion” and “Alwayz Ready” on April 21st. Ryder retained the services of Michael E. Dockins, the same trademark attorney that has worked with numerous AEW stars including Cody Rhodes. 

Ryder has also launched a store on

In an interview with Kenny McIntosh of Inside The Ropes, No Way Jose talked about the future of his character in the wrestling business: 

“It’s tough not because now I have to either try to go back into that [character] or try to come up with something completely different. As good as the character was for me in terms of making a living, I don’t want to continue that character. I just feel like it did what it did and if people want to book me for that or whatever, it’s gonna be possibly one off or whatnot but I have so much more to show. I have a more serious side, I have an aggressive side.”

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