WWE reportedly won’t be sending as many talents as usual to Saudi Arabia for the Super Showdown PPV due to travel issues with last fall’s Crown Jewel event. WWE wants to ensure that there will be enough talent in the United States for Smackdown in case there is another travel problem. BryanAvalrez of F4WOnline.com noted the following regarding the situation: 

“Far less people are going to Saudi Arabia which means the last time they went to Saudi Arabia — remember the last time they went to Saudi Arabia and they had that issue where they were stuck for 28 straight hours and a bunch of the wrestlers talked about how they’re never gonna go back and I listened to people go ‘It’s just a mechanical issue, it’s not a big deal — nothing’s wrong EVERYTHING IS OKAY!’ Well, here we are it’s the next Saudi Arabia show and coincidentally a bunch of those people who one of whom’s wife used the words ‘hostage situation’ to describe it they low and behold aren’t going back, but hey — it was just mechanical issues, everybody.”

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